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Skip Hire in Highgate at Cheap Prices

Low Cost yet Dependable Skip Hire Services in Highgate-Now a Reality
Waste Management Services in Highgate Got A Lot Easier To Access

Express Skip Hire is committed to offering detailed and eco friendly waste management service to the local community of Highgate. Improper waste management often results in environmental hazards that are harmful for the overall health and wellness of the community. As such, Express Skip Hire has risen up to the occasion and come up with services that answer the gap in the market of constriction waste management.

We let you free your mind of the post construction cleaning

Fast paced and quick processes ensure that the customers do not get stick in the post-construction cleaning process for long and have it expedited with our team of professionals and our diverse fleet of waste management vehicles that include Grab Lorries, conventional skips and Roll-On-Roll-Off Skips that cater to a whole lot of waste management requirements.

Customization is at the centre of our services because of varying sizes of skips and three different types

You can have our services catered to just what you need. Whether it is the small pile of junk lying in the garage that needs to be taken away or the huge heap of construction leftover that needs immediate attention, everything is under the spectrum of our capacity. The smallest if our skips is 4 yards whereas the largest goes up to 40 yards for larger areas, more suited to commercial needs. Our roll-on-roll-off skips can roll down from the platform to reach areas from where waste cannot be picked up otherwise, so loading gets easier. Similarly, Grab Lorries cater to areas where the vehicle cannot enter so the waste can be literally ‘grabbed’ from the area.

In short, our services not only cater to the immediate problem of waste management but also the underlying aspect of environment. Through reliable, accessible and low cost services, we ensure that we address the need of the hour.

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